The Write Room will support and nurture the literary artistic endeavors of women for the benefit of an international and domestic connectedness between men, women, the arts and the world around us by offering at no cost; a four week writing residency to qualified women applicants.

Thus we seek corporate gifts and/or donations to cover the study and residence for an accepted applicant.

Your Generous Support Is Much Appreciated!

A full scholarship is $2,300 for 21 days full room board and instruction. Smaller grants are more than welcome and will be grouped with others if need be to complete a full Residency Donation. May we suggest increments of $500.

The Donation/Gift can be either Anonymous or Public and is tax deducible as a 501(c) charity.

Once you have donated we will send you the information of the Participant you have sponsored and encourage you to follow their creative growth long after the residency.


The Write Room Residency is an national, nonprofit program that extends retreats to qualified applicants in creative writing and allied fields. Founded in 2012, our mission is to advance the impact of women in the media via the literary creative arts and allied fields by educating, advocating and housing.

We are a multi ethnic, multi cultural and sexually diverse non profit creative retreat opportunity devoted to women in need of time space balance to foster and support the literary arts. We believe literary creativity flows into all avenues of art, life, science, politic and humanity. It is good to write. It is productive to write creativity. It is an honor to offer an opportunity via tranquil housing in that pursuit.

The Write Room also will organize an annual TWR.O Screenwriting Contest  celebrating the outstanding contributions of women who write for film by offering a Cash prize plus  participation to our writers retreat in Costa Rica for the runners up. An Awards Show In Los Angeles California and Writing software.

Proceeds from the The Write Room Screenplay Awards Show help fund the WriteRoom Residency/Scholarship Program 2015 – 16.